Water Volume

The Seville Farm Dam measures approximately 42 meters by 35 meters. It is 5 meters deep at its deepest point. At full capacity it holds approximately 3 million litres of water. This is approximately the water useage of 19 typical Melbourne households for an entire year.

The dam is licensed by Melbourne Water to irrigate the farm. Water comes mostly from water trapped into two storm water drainage pits located on the farm where water collects during the Winter from natural rainfall. Collected water is piped underground from the drainage pits to the dam using gravity. The dam can also be topped up by water extracted from our Irrigation Bore.

The dam is licensed for 6 million litres of irrigation water which means we can fill and empty the dam twice a year.

If we irrigate our farm using the dam pump, we pump out approximately 480,000 litres of water every 24 hours. It takes 6 days to empty our dam. To fill our dam back up again using just our irrigation bore takes 12 days.

We stock our dam with 2 breeds of native fish, namely Australia Bass and Silver Perch. Both of these fish are used to control mosquito larvae. Silver Perch are also useful for the control of algae. We hold approximately 130 Australian Bass and 50 Silver Perch at various stages of growth. Both fish make for good eating, but the Australian Bass is the better fish, tasting similar to Barramundi – Yum!