Silver Perch

(Bidyanus bidyanus)

Also known as Black Bream, Grunter, Murray Bream, Murray Perch and Silver Bream

Silver Perch is a moderately elongated fish with a small head and small scales. Coloration varies with water conditions. Adults are often silver-grey with darker scale margins but they can be greenish, brown or golden. The belly is white and the median fins are grey. The pelvic fins are usually white.

The species grows to 40 cm in length and 8 kg in weight, however 30 cm and 1.5 kg individuals are more commonly seen.

Silver Perch are native to Australia. They occur naturally in freshwaters throughout much of the Murray-Darling Drainage of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Silver Perch are hardy fish and grow rapidly. They are excellent for stocking in farm dams.  The fish are omnivorous, feeding on both plant and animal life in dams.  They are particularly good for mosquito and algae control. 

Silver Perch provide good sport – they have a reputation for biting eagerly and fighting strongly when hooked.  As an edible fish they are excellent with tasty flesh.