Australian Bass

(Macquaria novemaculeata)

Also known as Eastern Freshwater Perch, Black Bass, Bronze Battler and Barramundi of the South.

Australian Bass can be recognised by a combination of characteristics including an evenly arched dorsal profile, a snout that is straight or slightly concave and a forked caudal fin. It has a protruding lower jaw, moderately large eyes and a notch between the spiny first dorsal fin and the soft-rayed second dorsal fin. The species is dark olive-green or greyish on the back and sides with darker scale margins. The belly is silvery or whitish and the fins are mostly dusky brown to black.

The species grows to 60 cm (3.8 kg) in length, however 35 cm and 1 kg individuals are more commonly seen.

Australian Bass are native to Australia. They occur naturally in coastal rivers, lakes and estuaries of eastern Australia from Fraser Island, Queensland to Wilson's Promontory, Victoria.

Australian Bass are hardy fish and grow rapidly. They are excellent for stocking farm dams. The fish are carnivorous, feeding on animal life in dams. They are particularly good for Yabby and mosquito control. Yabbies are bad for the Seville Farm dam as they burrow into the dam’s clay lining and cause water to leak through into the extremely porous soil below.

Australian Bass are long-lived and are known to reach 22 years of age.

Australian Bass are highly prized by fishing enthusiasts for their tremendous fighting spirit.  They are superb eating and taste similar to Barramundi.