About Us

Cherries have been grown at Seville Farm for the last 50 or so years. Some of our trees today date back to these original plantings.

Seville Farm was previously run by two successive generations of the Aumann Family, the most recent Aumann Family member owner being the Vice President of the Victorian Cherry Growers Association. Farmer Rob bought Seville Farm from the Aumann family in early 2014.

Farmer Rob is a third generation farmer, his grandfather having first farmed in the lowlands in Scotland on a mixed farm. When one of the daughters of his grandfather married (Rob's mum), she moved to South Australia and together with Rob's dad, they grew Almonds in the Gawler River Region. Farmer Rob worked on the Almond farm for many years, eventually moving to Victoria where he commenced Cherry farming by buying Seville Farm.

   Victorian Apiarists' Association Inc
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